Scott Carney – The HarmonicForex Patterns into Profits (PIP)

Scott Carney – The HarmonicForex Patterns into Profits (PIP)
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Scott Carney – The HarmonicForex Patterns into Profits (PIP) Course Webinars






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HarmonicForex Patterns into Profits Course is proud to present the Patterns Into Profits Course, a premiere Forex education course designed to help you profit from the Forex market using Harmonic patterns.

With Scott Carney, the father of Harmonic Trading officially on our team now, you are guaranteed to learn only the most authentic, the most comprehensive Harmonic trading knowledge in Asia.


What is Harmonic Trading?


Harmonic Trading is an advanced trading system which combined the work of many famous technicians over the past 100 years, to help traders understand the most optimal time to buy and sell in the financial markets. These are some of the technicians which contributed to the development of this system.

  1. Charles Dow (Dow Theory)
  2. W.D Gann (Gann Theory)
  3. R.N Elliot (Elliot Waves Theory)
  4. Richard Wckyoff (VSA Theory)
  5. Bryce Gilmore (Geometry of Markets)

Combining the knowledge of the above technicians together with Fibonacci ratios, we are able to consistently identify high probability turning points in the market.

A trading system is nothing without real results. Scott Carney have back-tested this system all the way back into the 1900s, and I am glad to share that it worked wonders too. The Harmonic trading community is also growing exponentially throughout the world, a testament of how effective it has been to help traders profit from the market.

Our many years of research on traders revealed the following problems they encounter in their trading.

  1. Trading system only can profit during certain market conditions
  2. Trading rules and execution are not clear enough
  3. Winning percentage of the system is too low to turn a profit long term
  4. Getting emotional during trading
  5. Risk management not done the right way

The Harmonic Trading system might not be able to solve every problem listed above, but it definitely can solve problem #1,#2,#3 and #5. If we are able to solve these problems for you, will you want to find out more about our course and how exactly it can benefit you?

Scott Carney – The HarmonicForex Patterns into Profits (PIP) Course Webinars

How is the course structured?

The Patterns Into Profits Course is an intensive 2 day course where we will cover the following topics.

Day 1

Harmonic Trading Introduction

Fibonacci Mastery

ABCD pattern

The Gartley Pattern

The Bat Pattern

Day 2

Butterfly Pattern

Crab Pattern

Risk Management

Trade Execution & Management

Designing your trade plan for trading success

After going through the 2 day class, graduates will be able to understand the following.

The Entire Harmonic Trading Process

How to identify, execute and manage your trades

Design your own trade plan that best suit your lifestyle to achieve maximum profitability


About the HarmonicForex Team

We are a Singapore Forex education company which have established our base locally as well as throughout Asia. Till date (Jan 2016), we have conducted our classes in the following countries in Asia.

  1. Taiwan
  2. Shenzhen
  3. Malaysia

We specialize in conducting Harmonic Trading Forex educational classes to the masses, with initiatives that include live trading seminars, online webinars and writing of educational content to educate traders.

Our Singapore team collectively has over 70 years of trading experience, a deep passion for trading and the desire to help traders profit from the market.