Adam Khoo - Value Momentum Investing Course: Whale Investor

Adam Khoo - Value Momentum Investing Course: Whale Investor
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This item Includes

Lesson 1: Stock Market Basics

•    How the Stock Market Works: What Drives Stock Prices?

•    How and When to Buy and/or Sell Stocks

•    Value Momentum Investing™: Valuation + Trend = Maximum Profit

Lesson 2: Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

•    Why Index ETFs are the safest investments

•    Why the Stock Market Always Goes Up and How to Capture Huge Gains

•    Different ETFs and Their Performance

•    How to Invest in ETFs that Track Market, Sector and Industry Indices

•    Entry and Exit Strategies for ETF Investing

Lesson 3: 3 Steps to Successful Investing

•    How to Identify the Best Companies in the Market

•    How to Buy Stocks at Discounted Prices

•    How to Find the Optimal Entry/Exit  Point for Maximum Gains

Lesson 4: Fundamental Analysis: Identifying Great Businesses

•    Key Numbers that Identify a Great Business

•    How to Read Financial Statements

•    Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows

•    How to Identify Growth Potential and Danger Signs

•    How to Screen for the Best Stocks in the Market

Lesson 5: Stock Valuation: Finding a Stock’s True Worth

•    4 Different Ways to Value a Stock

•    Finding the True Intrinsic Value of a Stock

•    PEG Ratio, Discounted Cash Flow Method

•    Discounted Earnings Method and Price-to-Book Ratio

Lesson 6: Timing Your Entries with Technical Analysis

•    Principles of Technical Analysis

•    How to Maximise the Returns by Timing Your Entry and Exits

•    How to Identify Market Trends and Cycles

•    The Power of Support and Resistance Levels

•    How to Use Moving Averages to Read Trend Changes

Lesson 7: The 7 Step Investment Formula

•    The 7-Step Easy-to-Follow Formula for Value Momentum Investing™

•    A Detailed Method to Find the Best Investments at the Best Time

•    Case Studies: Alphabet and Tencent Holdings

Lesson 8: Building a Winning Portfolio

•    How to Diversify Your Portfolio to Minimise Risk

•    Low Risk, High Return Portfolio with Optimal Portfolio Allocation

•    Defensive Versus Cyclical Stocks

•    7 Stock Investment Categories: Which Is the Best for You?

Lesson 9: Finding Investment Opportunities & Portfolio Management

•    Best Investment Opportunities and How You Can Find Them

•    Stock Screeners to Find the Best Stocks

•    Manage Your Portfolio Like a Professional

•    When to Exit an Investment

Lesson 10: The Psychology of Winning Investors

•    Psychology Versus Strategy

•    Model the Psychology of Top Investors to Achieve Consistent Profits

Lesson 11: Choosing a Stock Broker

•    Choosing the Right Stock Broker for You

•    7 Keys to Selecting a Good Stock Broker

•    How to Place Orders and Manage Your Investments