Simpler Options Las Vegas Mentorship Apr 2015

Simpler Options Las Vegas Mentorship Apr 2015
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Simpler Options Las Vegas Mentorship Apr 2015

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Presented by: John Carter President Simpler OptionsGuest Speaker: Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas, author of “Trading in the Zone” as well as the industry classic “The Disciplined Trader” has developed products to help traders master the unique psychological trading discipline necessary to trade consistently and successfully. During this seminar Mark will help you discover what the most successful traders have learned to understand, and how to implement these specific psychological trading attributes and skill which allow them to transcend the most common of trading errors that confine everyone else. And if you have never seen him speak to a live group — it’s a totally different experience than just reading his books. He works off the audience and creates an energy that captivates participants. As one former participant said, “It was a talk I will never ever forget, and I read both of his books — twice.”
Spread Trading Strategies for Growing an Account


  • How to use spreads to create low-risk, high-probability trades to take your equity curve from the lower left to the upper right
  • Basic to advance spread trading strategies including how to do the Karen the super trader strategy without having a large account
  • How to make money, even when you’re wrong and how to put the probabilities in your favor to make money on 95% of your spreads
  • How to steadily & consistently grow your small account by selling premium and the adjustment you need to know to save a trade
  • How to trade spreads “end of day” so you don’t go bug-eyed looking at charts all day and why this is ideal for part time traders

Swing Trading Options for Account Growth

  • How to Find Clear-cut, Clear-Headed, and Unbiased “buy” and “sell” Signals
  • What are the best swing trading setups
  • Stop-loss Recommendations You Should use on Every Swing Trade
  • Learn How to Use Leverage to Maximize your Wealth and Limit Risk
  • Practical Strategies for Building Wealth in any Environment

Secrets to Trading Options on ETFs

  • What key markets to use for your analysis of ETF trades
  • Why ETF options are perfect for the new options trader
  • Wealth building trades that can dramatically elevate your trading account
  • How to become a consistent options trader
  • Why ETFs are the best way to catch the coming explosion in silver and gold
  • How you can use ETFs to take advantage of the coming spike in oil prices
  • Find more trades that have the potential to turn into 5 and 10 baggers

How to Defend Your Options Position

  • How to use the Greeks to manage your risk, your position, and your profit
  • Using standard deviations to defend trades like a market maker
  • What types of plays are defendable so you know when to turn your trade into a campaign
  • Psychological factors that can make or break you when a trade goes wrong
  • Money management tips to help keep you flexible in your trading
  • How to maximize your defense at the crucial time to manage uncertainty
  • Lots of real life examples of trades that needed to be defended
  • When to wait for a trigger and when to step in front of key levels
  • How to protect your account when stuck in an in the money option after expiration

All participants are eligible for a discounted rate at the Mandarin Oriental through our Simpler Options Room block.  Instructions for registering are provided upon purchase of the mentorship.  Lunch will be provided each day.  Complimentary Wi-fi is provided for all attendees.





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