Simpler Trading – Weekly Wires Class

Simpler Trading – Weekly Wires Class
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Simpler Trading – Weekly Wires Class

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* Weekly Wires Class for Thinkorswim indicator (The strategy with the Stat Tool,Indicator Study)

Weekly Wires: John Carter’s 120% Per Year Option Income Blueprint

Weekly Wires Class
Weekly Wire Strategy: Get John’s strategy for generating consistent 120% annual returns (2.5% per week) with minimum risk using a simple weekly options income strategy. The key is to anticipate the coming week’s precise high and low price levels.
Two Weeks Stats Indicator: This new tool aims to predict the next week’s high and low on almost any daily chart, including stocks, indexes, and even futures contracts. This indicator uses advanced quantitative analysis to give you statistically significant pivot levels so you can set up your trades with confidence.
Weekly Option Trade Set Up: Discover the specific way John Carter sets up ‘Weekly Wires’ trades to stack the odds in his favor. If you’ve ever struggled to be profitable with weekly options, you’ll love these step-by-step instructions.
Premium Boost Formula: Discover how to squeeze out more premium on almost every trade. Don’t leave profits on the table by guessing. This is your chance to learn how to use the Weekly Stats Pivot Levels indicator to pocket more premium with less risk.
Best of Both Worlds: Generate steady income and account growth using a combination of weekly option income trades, even in volatile conditions. If you’re looking for a way to make a living from trading while also building wealth, this strategy can show you how.